Vedic Personality Types

An ancient system to know which type of work everyone is best at, so you can be part of a happy and effective work team.

People who know their type can do their best work or job.  

Businesses who build teams based on the 4 types can skyrocket performance.

Why are people unsatisfied in life?

Most people, and therefore, most businesses, struggle to create enthusiasm and commitment in their work.

When people are stuck in jobs that don’t match their strengths and passions, they often feel frustrated and unmotivated. This can lead to poor performance, dissatisfaction, and even job loss.

Everything manifests at work

Businesses also suffer when their teams are not balanced, resulting in low productivity and high employee turnover.

Ignoring these issues can cost both individuals and companies time, money, and opportunities for success.

Unlock the potential of your business and personal life with the 5,000-year-old Dharma Archetype system, adapted for the modern world.

An ancient solution for modern times

The Dharma Archetype system is a unique and transformative method that goes beyond psychological personality types.

A 5,000-year-old ancient science, the 4 Varnas described in Bhagavad Gita have now been adapted for the modern world.

This system is unique because it looks more at which types of activities and work each person can naturally excel at, and which type of work should be avoided, instead of just likes and dislikes.

When teams include all 4 types supporting each other, they skyrocket to success.

The Dharma Archetype reveals your true path for activity in the world, and helps you avoid unnecessary frustrations from doing work that is not for you.

Example: The Transformative Effect on Teams

Imagine a team where an analytical thinker is assigned to lead creative brainstorming sessions. Or a naturally creative person is stuck in an analytical role.

Both team members are likely to feel frustrated, leading to decreased productivity and dissatisfaction.

However, by understanding each person’s Dharma Archetype, they can be assigned roles that match their strengths, resulting in a harmonious and efficient team.

When you follow your type, you follow "Dharma"

Dharma is a multifaceted and complex concept, which is used by various religious and social traditions over the ages.

One short definition in our context could be “Techniques for living your best life (or destiny)”.

It represents an individual’s inherent nature, qualities, and purpose that should guide their actions and decisions in life, privately and in relation to society and work.

In other words, Dharma is an individual’s personal responsibility to align their actions, thoughts, and emotions with their true nature and life purpose.

For example, the Dharma of water is to be wet.

The result of ACTING (working) in alignment with your nature (your Archetype) is a feeling of peace and harmony with life and others around you.

The 4 Vedic Personality Types

When the 4 types work together as a team, they create a balanced and efficient environment, each contributing their unique strengths and complementing each other. This synergistic collaboration leads to higher productivity, better decision-making, and overall success for the team.

There is also a surprising 5th type, the “Outsider”, who plays a special role.

The Outsider brings fresh and innovative ideas, challenging the team to think beyond conventional norms.

How the 4 types work together as a team

  • The Warrior leads and motivates the team, providing direction and inspiring them to achieve their goals.
  • The Merchant connects the team to valuable resources and networks, facilitating collaborations and partnerships for success.
  • The Laborer organizes and manages practical tasks, ensuring the team operates smoothly and efficiently.
  • The Educator shares knowledge and guidance, helping the team make informed decisions and grow their understanding.

Just as a body comprises a head, arms, a torso, and legs, society consists of four personality types which all work together to guide, protect, nourish, and serve each other.

Each part of the body, akin to each personality type in society, has a unique function and moreover, each part “complements” the others. This synergistic cooperation mirrors the necessary balance found in a healthy, functioning society.

It’s also interesting to note how each part of the body serves the others, and if one part ceases to fulfill its role, it suffers and the entire body suffers in turn. This mirrors how human life revolves around collaboration and mutual service. If a component of society stops contributing, it not only causes detriment to itself but to the entire societal body as well.

Therefore, human life, it appears, is fundamentally about collaborating and serving each other. By serving others and pursuing a higher purpose in accordance with our specific nature, gifts, and tools, we automatically cultivate happiness. This perhaps is the blueprint for a harmonious society and fulfilling individual lives.

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